Friday, April 6, 2012


April 5th, Holy Thursday, I went to Annapolis for my midwife appointment and the monthly ultrasound. Peter is doing great. The perinatologist, Dr. Sweeny, said he looks great, healthy, and sees nothing so far that will cut the pregnancy short. Heart beat is strong and steady, but he is still measuring small. Now he's about 18-19 weeks (I'm almost 23 weeks). The midwives have been kind and supportive, and will still be the ones to deliver Peter even if we decide to go with a hospital delivery. 

It was so wonderful to see Peter on ultrasound, wiggling, kicking, playing with his fingers. The placenta is anterior, which is probably, along with his smaller size, why I haven't felt a lot of movement. I did feel three gentle kicks this morning, which was wonderful. 

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