Monday, March 19, 2012


We got the amniocentesis results today. Molly is a boy! I suppose I was a bit premature in assuming the technician was correct. We're still discussing names, but I think we are going to go with Peter Benedict. It's a name we've both loved for a long time. Julie prefers Max or Jack. She's not very happy :)

We also learned that the baby does in fact have a genetic abnormality. He has the reverse of what Natalie has. Part of her 13th chromosome is duplicated, and this baby is missing that same portion. We are actually quite surprised because not only are neural tube defects not a part of this particular chromosomal abnormality, but the baby appears to be otherwise healthy. It was always thought that a baby with the deletion would have multiple medical issues. So it leaves me wondering if more problems will show themselves as the pregnancy progresses. As of now the heart, kidneys, stomach, all look normal. 

I almost bought the baby's burial garments last night. Steve said, "let's wait to get the definitive results from the amnio". So wise. I started making hats last night. I finished one white one and was just starting on a dark pink one. Starting was incredibly hard, but once I got going I found it to be a great opportunity to pray for him and us. For a while I was praying for strength. I still am, but I find my focus changing as the weeks pass. It's interesting how priorities change. How things that once seemed important no longer matter, and how things that didn't get enough attention somehow come to the foreground. 

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